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Collier Roofing's rule number one is:
look after our customers or someone else will.
With more and more people deciding to invest in renewable energy (with soaring costs of utility bills) Collier Roofing is proud to introduce its sister company Collier Solar. Collier Solar will happily assist in all your solar needs, so look no further for your renewable energy installers and stick with Colliers, the name that you know and trust.

Collier Solar are proud contractors of the international construction bureau (ICB) who are one of Britain's leading suppliers of sustainable, environmentally friendly systems for single ply and green roofing projects. Every Collier Solar installation is backed by the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) approved to ensure that building owners gain maximum benefit from the new government tariffs. And as we use ICB as our suppliers, customers have the reasurement that they are backed by the real insurance scheme(REA) so therefore all our customers are insured.

In April 2010, the government launched a feed-in tariff, which will pay for all the electricity generated on-site regardless of whether or not it is consumed. The rate given will be guaranteed for 25 years, so that means the electric board will pay you, therefore free electricity. Feed-in tariffs have been successfully implemented across Europe and have seen PV uptake on a large scale and this is now being released in the UK. ICB and Collier solar works with every new customer to help design the right system for each project. The company will also offer advanced and technical assistance from the initial enquiry to the final installation and commissioning.


This solar panel is ideal for perfect conditions i.e. The roof is South facing, around 35 degrees, with no shading issues.

Thin film

This solar panel performs well in all light conditions and will carry on performing.

House with solar panels in Southampton

Solar panels installed in Southampton


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"Thanks a lot for doing a great job on 5 dormer roofs.Thanks a lot."

Andrian Hoole(builder)

Members of Collier Roofing company are trained by International Construction Bureau Ltd- the leading supplier of quality products to the construction industry.