Roofing Maintenance and Repair Work

In some cases when we are quoting for a job we find that a new roof is not always the solution and actually the customer would benefit a lot more from some general roof maintenance or repair work which would prolong the life of the roof and put the customers mind at rest.

Problems To Look Out For

Standing Water -This is one of the prime contributors to a leaky flat roof. When flat roofs are first installed they should have a slight incline which allows the water to run off correctly. Water that does not drain properly or evaporate will start to damage the roofing material. This is of particular importance to watch out for in the winter and spring.

Blistering -This happens when small amounts of moisture get trapped under the top layer resulting in the roof membrane detaching from the layer below causing the flat roof to ‘blister’. This tends to get worse during the heights of summer when the heat of the sun causes the trapped moisture to expand. It’s vital that the moisture source is identified and removed to avoid lasting irreparable damage.

Flashing Defects -Drainage is one of the most important factors of a flat roof. Flashing is used to prevent water from penetrating a junction and problems can occur when the flashing has been badly installed, damaged or bent over time. Over time fungus and growth can grow causing flashing damage. Look out for build ups of fungus or damage to the joins in the roof.

These problems can all occur over time without proper roof maintenance from the home owner, just like the rest of your house you have to keep an eye on your flat roof and take care of it. view our easy to follow guide on flat roof maintenance

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