Green Roofing in Southampton

What is green roofing?

Green roofing (or living roofing) is where a flat roof is completely covered in a waterproof membrane where live and growing material is planted on top. Not only are green roofs good for the environment and great for insulation, they also drastically increase the value of your property. Their long life pan makes them a valuable investment.

Benefits of green roofing

  • increased life expectancy of your roof to over 10 years
  • increased insulation
  • lowers heating costs
  • keeps you cool in the summer
  • its good for the environment
  • encourages wildlife
  • reduces noise pollution
  • increases value to the home

Can I get a green roof?

Green roofs are not for every property and they cannot simply replace a tiled roof. If you are unsure that your property can have a green roof, would like more information or a free quotation, contact us on 02380 455722.

Why Collier Roofing?

We are experts when it comes to flat roofing and have years of experience working on both private and commercial properties. Our green roofing solution is installed on top of our Evalon single ply membranes giving the roof the waterproofing and durability it needs to thrive. Call us today on 02380 455722 for a free no obligation quote.

Green eco friendly roofing


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